Safety Critical Businesses – Human Factor Behavioural Alignment

Busy Brain Syndrome has robbed people of their ability to stay focused and present at work.

Being unsafe, opening that dodgy email, making mistakes and not being collaborative are all ‘human factor’ behavioural effects of Busy Brain Syndrome (BB).

People do not intend to do the wrong thing.

BB has reduced the brains processing bandwidth by at least 50%, which means the risks of human factor behavioural errors occurring have also increased by 50%.

Rules, procedures, training, PPE equipment don’t make people safe – awareness does

We teach people how to ignore distraction and stay focused in the present – consistently


BB is ‘maladaptation’ of brain processing due to sensory bombardment because technology has radically increased the amount of ‘stuff’ the brain has to process. This means more than 60% of everything people do each day is relegated to unconscious autopilot habit.

Lights on no one is at home!

The costs due to inefficiency, risks of accidents and incidents, re-work due to mistakes, behavioural problems where people do not do what they are supposed to do, run into $B’s and $B’s. What is the cost to your business?


PPE equipment, training, inductions, rules and procedures do NOT make people safe. People make themselves safe. The safety industry is built on a premise that people are rational, they operate at ‘maximum brain bandwidth’ whilst at work and they will behave according to the rules.

They intend to but often don’t.

Because reduced brain capacity due to BBS means their brain takes the path of least resistance. They fully intend to do the right thing – but their Busy Brain – takes over and has other ideas. These risks are ‘invisible’ because they occur in the unconscious brain. What is your risk?


BB is conquered by bringing the unconscious to conscious awareness. Trying to solve this problem with the ‘mind’ WILL FAIL – because it is not the cause of the problem. All successful sports people, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and business achievers can do this, at will.

So can anyone when they know how.

Sensory awareness is innate, below conscious awareness. Its job is to keep us safe and we know it as ‘gut instinct’. Gut instinct is the sensation we get when something is not quite right (NQR), where we STOP and THINK.