Businesses are awash with data yet paradoxically less than 15% of any data is actioned

Most ‘people data‘, including customer experience data within businesses is grossly underutilised, with insights rarely being executed effectively. This extends from failure to distill accurate and timely customer insights to operations people at the customer interface; most employee data being used punitively to ‘performance manage people'; to an absence of or poor processes to capture customer interface intelligence and inaction with acting upon ideas from front line people which results in apathy – why bother.

We conduct an assessment of your customer interface data, as well as how effectively it is being executed to improve customer experience outcomes and drive retention and acquisition of customers.

As highly experienced research practitioners and behaviorists, we develop a data execution blue print for your business where you will see immediate improvements in customer retention of the order of 30% as a minimum.

People Data Execution Effectiveness Assessment

People Data Discovery

Conduct and environmental scan across your business and discover if you have the right customer and people data to promote business success

Data Execution

Conduct an assessment of the utlisation of your current customer and people data as well as the level of cohesion and data sharing across customer touch points.

Data Gap Analysis

Conduct a gap analysis of your current data, level of cohesive action taken, effectiveness of feedback processes and confidence levels with data driven decision making.

Data Execution Blueprint

Create a blueprint plan to improve your data collection, actions taken to drive sustainable improvement processes ensuring customer experience needs are consistently met.