Assess how well your peoples’ behaviours actually meet the needs of your business

Businesses are spending more time and resources on managing people risks and putting out behavioural fires.

They are dealing with more incidences of ‘us and them situations created through misaligned expectations that are based on ‘assumed and implied’ understanding from previous unrelated experiences.  This causes distrust, people ‘walking on eggshells‘ and increases the risks of mistakes and safety breaches.

We identify the problem behaviours/cultural habits that are dominant in your business and re-align behaviours from leaders/owners down to maximise business success.

Behavioural and cultural research – is your culture productive or counterproductive?

Discovery – objective discussions to hear the ‘story’

Firstly we listen to what people have to say about the ‘situation’ through informal discussions with owners, partners, managers, employees and stakeholders if applicable.

Discussions are objective and non-judgemental to ascertain where everyone is coming from and ‘what they feel’ is the problem.  People are also invited to contribute their ideas as to what the solution looks like.

Short survey adds robustness and confidence with decision making

We develop a short survey to quantify the findings from the qualitative discovery, and include a derived driver analysis which is a powerful tool used in market research to determine the best approach to marketing – we all know how well that works.

The survey is programmed on our privately owned, secure survey platform, tested and a link is sent to your employees through your database. All data is anonymous and deidentified.

Analyse all the data, prioritise cultural drivers

All data from the discovery discussions, survey data and previous employee research and/or customer research if available is synthesised and analysed. The driver analysis is conducted which prioritises the factors that make up cultural effectiveness by importance and impact. This means you know which areas to tackle first to improve productivity.

We also analyse the NPS the likelihood of your people advocating working at your organisation to friends or family.

Conduct gap analysis findings vs assumptions, develop a plan

We sit down with business owners, leaders and stakeholders if relevant and facilitate a gap analysis of the actual behaviours discovered, and whether they are achieving desired goals. This includes our advice on how to resolve any existing or newly identified problematic behaviours.

We then develop and agree on a plan of action with you and set out milestones for success, and develop a process to achieve buy-in across the business.