Consistently meeting customers expectations with service delivery is the new differentiator for businesses

Businesses who fail to deliver what customers expect or are receiving from competitors, will fade away.

91% of customers defect due to poor service, 92% of them will not tell you and 96% will never return (Gartner 2016). If understanding your customers expectations is not on your priority list, you will rapidly be overtaken by competitors who do.

According to Gartner, 89% of companies view the service delivered by their people to customers as a competitive differentiator, and that by 2018 more than 50% of organizations will have redirected their investments to customer expectation research and innovation.

The savvy business begins by focusing on making sure they close the customer expectation feedback loop.

Customer Expectation Profile – How We Do It…

Our bespoke consulting research methodology uses a mix of modalities as customers behave differently to what they tell you; is a fraction of the cost of traditional research agencies and clearly discovers why your customer buy from you, transforming your customer retention, share of wallet and increase the likelihood of referrals driving new business.

Customer Discussions

In-depth interviews with selection of top, newly acquired and recently defected customers, drilling down into why they buy from you.

Quantify Expectations

Conduct short survey with customer database, prioritise factors driving expectations and discover likely defection factors.

Insight Generation

Analyse data interpret and develop insights that will form strategies to align your service delivery to what customer want.

Customer Profile

Create your bespoke Customer Expectation Profile, including barriers and levers to expectations being met, and likely future needs and intentions.