We work with B2B Service, Family, Safety Critical, Partnership and Start Up Businesses

B2B Services

We are B2B specialists and help align your customer interface so you can better upwardly manage customers and downwardly manage end users, or your customer’s customers.

Safety Critical

We help safety critical businesses eradicate the root cause of inattention and loss of focus – Busy Brain Syndrome. People become ‘vigilantly aware’ by learning how to control their available brain bandwidth.

Family Business

Family members risk unconsciously bringing unhelpful ‘family behaviours’ to work. We identify these behaviours and help develop boundaries through self-awareness.


We work with business partners  to align expectations, discover behavioural assumptions that are often overlooked, and identify constraints that need to go.


We work with founders to align how their ‘personalities and expectations for growth’ translate into the culture they desire for smooth, fast growth.