Dr. Lucia Kelleher – Behavioural Neuroscientist, Business Researcher and Customer Experience Specialist

Speaker, Writer, Researcher, Consultant and Facilitator

Dr. Lucia Kelleher is the founder of  People Data and Aware of Mind a Market Researcher and Behavioural Neuroscientist, made a breakthrough brain discovery from her PhD, Busy Brain Syndrome in the early 2000’s. BBS or loss of brain bandwidth is caused by our digital world severely compromising brain processing and is the leading cause of ‘human factor’ issues in organisations.

Lucia realised early on that these ‘human factor’ issues were less problematic in organisations where employees had a good understanding of the business strategy and a real commitment to meeting customer expectations.

Her passion has always been the customer interface. She was well aware that the more people understood the business purpose and customer expectations their day to day awareness of their own behaviours increased. They were focused on making all daily activities smooth and seam because they knew how their effort contributed to the greater good, the success of the business. This also translates to fewer ‘human factor’ incidents, such as safety, quality, cyber security breaches and other behavioural problems.  

A sought after speaker on topics such as:

  • Busy Brain Syndrome the root cause of ‘stress’ and overwhelm;
  • The ‘unconscious’ brain holds the power over your habits;
  • Behaviour change – visibility of progress is critical; 
  • How to control distraction, BE an aware person;
  • Neuroscience of ‘brain energy’ – conservation is hard wired;
  • Busy Brain Syndrome and mobile phone addiction;
  • What is social media doing to our brains;
  • BBS, social defaults and customer/consumer behaviour;
  • Aware Leaders – people do what you do, not what you say;

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“Thank you for participating in this year’s National Radio Conference. Your session was integral in contributing to the day’s success and we have had nothing but outstanding feedback for it”JULIE AND THE TEAM COMMERCIAL RADIO AUSTRALIA

Dr Lucia Kelleher – Busy Brain Syndrome and smart phone addiction ABC News and ABC Radio 774

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