Dr Lucia Kelleher

Customer Experience Strategist, Researcher, Facilitator and Coach

Dr. Lucia Kelleher is our customer experience lead having decades of experience as a management consultant optimising the customer interface through strategically ensuring a cohesive holistic approach to customer service delivery.

She is a highly experienced market and employee researcher and gets to the bottom of what drives customer buying decisions as well as ascertaining how aligned your business is from the perspective of delivering a cohesive customer experience.

Lucia transforms your customer strategy through her behavioural expertise and ensuring that your people consistently deliver to customers expectations.

John Arundel

Business Strategy Consultant

John has decades of experience as a business consultant establishing business cases for strategic change that guarantee ROI on people efficiency across a range of industries including government and not for profits.
John is our leading consultant on making sure that your business case for change will achieve the outcomes your require and that they are measurable.

Peter Canny

Organisational Trainer, Facilitator and Coach Specialising in Team Dynamics and Empowering Leaders

Peter has particular expertise in the area of leadership & team development. He is dedicated to developing holistic leaders who are equipped to handle the complexity of their role and are mindful of the impact of their own state of mind and behaviours.
Critically aware that knowledge is significant capital to organisations today, Peter works with a focus on developing, sharing and eliciting knowledge in a way that builds personal and organisational effectiveness. He uses an integrated approach to adult learning which ensures the values and outcomes for all stakeholders are aligned and embedded in programs that are contextualised, relevant and stimulating.

Kate Boorer

Employee Experience Specialist

Kate’s Purpose “Organizations have a role to play in empowering people to live a conscious life of fulfillment and purpose. Her vision is to help them find a way to do this and build business or shareholder value at the same time.” Kate is one of our most experienced facilitators.

Jennifer DemToom

Communication and Negotiation Trainer

Jen is a leading trainer in the power of non-verbal communication and body language. She is an integral part of our team as the power to overcome Busy Brain Syndrome is through non-verbal and unconscious communication. Jen’s lively interactive sessions never fail to inspire change.

Tracy Rankin

Behavioural Researcher

Tracy has had a long career in and commitment to motivational research, which is about identifying why people do what they do. This is emotional based research at its best - and most valuable for company desiring to unlock the drivers of behaviour change with their people.

What drives people emotionally and unconsciously is infinitely fascinating to Tracy and is an ongoing journey and one that makes her working life an absolute pleasure!

Michael Cleland

Survey Developer

Michael has specialist skills in building data management and survey systems and manages all our research systems and ensures data collection is seamless

Mahesh Karra

Survey Developer

Mahesh is the developer behind our unique state of the art sentiment analysis capability within our research platform, which revolutionises the ability to accurately execute the data in a timely manner.