Dr Lucia Kelleher

Customer Interface Specialist, Market Researcher, Behavioural Neuroscientist

Dr. Lucia Kelleher is our customer interface lead. She has decades of experience as a management consultant optimising the customer interface through strategically ensuring a cohesive holistic approach to customer service delivery.

She is a highly experienced market and employee researcher and gets to the bottom of what drives customers buying decisions, as well as ascertaining how aligned your are with delivering the service customers expect .

Lucia transforms your customer retention strategy through her behavioural and people data expertise .

John Arundel

Business Strategy Consultant

John has decades of experience as a business consultant establishing business cases for strategic change that guarantee ROI on people efficiency across a range of industries including government and not for profits.
John is our leading consultant on making sure that your business case for change will achieve the outcomes your require and that they are measurable.

Michael Cleland

Survey Developer

Michael has specialist skills in building data management and survey systems and manages all our research systems and ensures data collection is seamless

Mahesh Karra

Survey Developer

Mahesh is the developer behind our unique state of the art sentiment analysis capability within our research platform, which revolutionises the ability to accurately execute the data in a timely manner.