B2B Service Businesses

B2B service businesses customer interface is highly complex and can be a constant source of ‘grief’ if not understood and managed

Outsourcing is growing and suppliers must understand the nuances of B2B customer expectations.

It is not what you think.

Failure to ‘get it’ means grief for you and your staff as you are ‘run ragged’ trying to meet an increasingly high bar.

A B2B service customer lets you the supplier lose on their ‘customers’ – are you a risk?

B2B customer expectations are at least 25% higher than B2C expectations, which many B2B suppliers are not aware of.


B2B relationships are fraught mainly due to the underlying expectation of level of performance from the supplier being at least 25% higher than other organisations supplying a product or service.

Why? Because the customer is letting the supplier ‘loose’ in their customers – they have lost direct control over the experience of their own customers. Suppliers employees effectively take a pay check from one organisation and work for another.

We help our customers navigate these complex expectations and relationships to create seamless service delivery which takes the pressure off all parties.


As B2B specialists we work with outsourcing recipients and suppliers across all industries to ensure the relationships between all ‘3’ or ‘4’ parties are all aligned and on the same page.

The most critical aspect of B2B relationships is that suppliers and their employees understand they need to wear the customer’s hat when undertaking service delivery.

The second most critical aspect is for the supplier to not become the ‘scapegoat’ for the customers problems. Outsourcing recipients and suppliers must be vigilant with managing expectations at all times. Complacency can not set in.


Power based contract management: polarises key people within customer and supplier organisations, creating stalemates and decimating TRUST. Partner based contract management means the parties are reliant upon values and attitude alignment, and the parties are collaborative, focused on fairness, mutual benefits and quality.

Partnering is a style of relationship not a form of contract, the specifics of the contract are irrelevant. It is assumed that services procured will be delivered and the focus is on relationships.

We work with both suppliers and recipients to help develop and maintain a partnership based focus with all contracted services.