Busy Brain Syndrome BBS

The root cause of overwhelm, distraction and internal silo’s which are the leading cause of poor customer experiences.

The modern complex, unpredictable world of work has created a pandemic of BBS where people are overloaded, overwhelmed and on ‘autopilot’ much of the time at work. BBS manifests as relentless ‘self-talk’ or ‘monkey mind’ which erodes brain bandwidth.
The result?

People cherry pick easy tasks, avoidance behaviours are rampant, trust is at an all time low and risks of poor customer experience execution are at dangerously high levels.

Brain overload is real – the brain is not designed to keep up with the speed of technology. Busy Brain Syndrome -BBS – costs businesses $B’s, through poor customer experience delivery, increased risks of mistakes and accidents, poor inter-organisational behaviours and communication, compromised quality and unprecedented levels of customer defection.

BBS manifests as  people feeling burnt-out, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, afraid of making mistakes, second guessing themselves, struggling to keep up with daily demands which has resulted in cultures where trust, openness and authenticity have been severely compromised.

There is a simple way for your business to get back on track. Dr Lucia Kelleher discovered Busy Brain Syndrome over a decade ago and has developed proven solutions for businesses to eradicate the debilitating effects of BBS and thrive in a complex, unpredictable world. BBS means the ‘unconscious survival brain’ or ‘reptile brain’, is in the drivers seat – ‘reaction’ is the outcome.

The mindspace® program teaches people how to adapt and get their ‘conscious smart brain’ back in the drivers seat – slow down to human speed, responding and using technology as the tool it is, rather than constantly trying, yet failing to keep up with it.

Lucia is an engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining trainer. She absolutely knows her material and can back anything up with stories from her experience which clarify and qualify what she is teaching. I was thoroughly engrossed and learned so much about how to change my habits – GERARD DHS

mindspace® – breaking BBS and poor habits requires ‘re-booting the brain‘ changing from ’reacting’ to consciously ‘responding’ to work demands

That means, really listening, staying ‘present’ focused on the task at hand

People learn how to ‘re-boot’ and adapt how their brain processes information and ‘thrive’ a fast moving world. BBS means our brains are still using Window’s MS-DOS when we should be using Windows 10.

Our programs teach people how to re-gain control over how they respond to daily demands, as our brains are in a state of consistent overthinking – ‘monkey-mind‘. Every additional communication update; email, social media, F2F, phone call places more demands our already overloaded attention system,  exceeding the ‘brains ability to respond’.

Once people learn to re-boot their brain’s ‘operating system’, the overwhelm, anxiety, pressure, negativity, impaired interpersonal relationships and poor customer experience delivery – is replaced by calm, controlled, confident, collaborative, efficient people focused on customers and ‘responding’ rather than ‘reacting’.

Busy Brain Sydrome is directly responsible for:

  • Poor customer experience delivery and failure to ensure customers ‘feel good’;
  • Distraction, overwhelm, reduced awareness and attention;
  • Brain ‘decision paralysis’ presenting as avoidance behaviours;
  • Increased organisational bias, poor communication which creates silo’s.

Business Behaviours solutions enable your people to:

  • control distraction, mitigating risks of mistakes and incidents;
  • confidently make decisions – resolving rampant inaction;
  • eradicate silo’s – transforming internal communications;
  • truly collaborate – to deliver seamless customer experiences.