Integrate what people actually need to DO to business goals

Businesses are run according to economic and accounting principles which in an of itself is sound. However, the overriding assumption is that ‘people’ will behave in a ‘textbook’ manner and actually do what the business needs them to do to achieve the ‘business goals’.

What business consistently fail to understand, is that people do not operate that way. The rapid advances in AI are a testament to this fact, machines actually DO what they are programmed to do, people are not like that.

People’s behaviour is driven by how they react to any situation they find themselves in, there is little rational behaviour in the mix, particularly with the current pandemic of Busy Brain Syndrome.

We work with businesses to put behaviours at item one on all business goals and strategies. We ensure what people need to DO becomes the focus, rather than assuming they know what to do and that they actually DO what they are supposed to do.

People know what to DO

We use take the insights from the behavioural health check, work with people managers so they understand what people actually need to be doing.

Behaviours 1st on agenda

When behaviours become the number one focus on all strategy and WIP meetings, the results are phenomenal as the right things get done.

Reverse engineer goals

When you work backwards from what people need to DO to achieve business strategic goals, you come up with a clear roadmap of what and how to DO.

Self responsible people

We help your people managers promote self-responsibility with teams – so they take control and full ownership of their own output, increasing engagement.