Customer Culture Profile – CCP

Customer retention strategies are paramount to reduction defection risks with service businesses. Whilst many businesses ‘think’ they are customer centric, most are not. Customer centric means that the whole organisation is aware of the needs and expectations of each customer, not just the account or contract manager. The primary cause of loss of customers or contracts – aside from price – is inconsistent service and poor treatment from ‘other business units – silo’s’.

Eradication of silo’s is all about communication. If people in ‘silo’s’ understanding of customers needs is lacking, then current communication is missing the mark. The Customer Culture Profile CCP transforms your people awareness and understanding of your customers needs radically reducing retention risks.    

Identify Customer Retention Risks

Our behavioural experts observe and interview your people to uncover their attitudes to and understanding of customers expectations and how customer centric, collaborative and cohesive your business is in consistently meeting customers expectations. This qualitative data informs the design of your businesses bespoke Customer Culture Profile survey instrument.

Quantify Customer Retention Risks

All staff and other stakeholder complete the purpose designed Customer Culture Profile survey, which includes a driver analysis to prioritise the factors driving customer retention risk. These factors include at a minimum, Account Management, Relationship, Communication, Quality of Service, Brand, Price/Value. Other factors can be included as per the qualitative discovery.

Analyse Data, Develop Insights

 Analyse data and develop driver analysis modelling to determine which factor has the most impact on customer satisfaction with your service delivery performance. This analysis also reveals how customer centric your culture is and how much your people feel committed to the vision of your business. Poor scores in these area’s are a red flag and leading cause of customer defection.

Customer Culture Profile

The whole dataset forms the benchmark for your customer centric cultural development and tells you exactly what you people think of customers, what they think your business stands for and why they turn up to work each day. Your organisation will be rated on your Customer Retention Risk according and bench marked to other comparable organisations.