mindspace® – controlling BBS is the precursor to people performance optimisation

mindspace® teaches people to overcome Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS) – the silent pandemic annihilating performance optimisation in the modern workplace

mindspace® – holistic, action feedback process to sustain people’s ability to control overload and break reactionary work habits,  so your people become more efficient, responsible, collaborative and focused on being mindful of their actions and the impact of those actions with colleagues and customers, in the moment – consistently.


A decade of BBS and overload has reduced attention by 60%, increasing risks of accidents and poor execution.  AWARENESS is key to staying focused and sustain change.


BBS, overload and constant distraction means people feel out of control. mindspace® enables people to CONTROL distraction and trying to ‘respond’ to everything.


Once people conquer BBS and feel back in control they stop reacting to overload, and are empowered to take RESPONSIBILITY and focus on executing to get things done. 


A person who is SELF REGULATING has eradicated BBS and overload, is a self motivated achiever who always aspires to be a high performer and execute as expected.

Programs to promote and sustain a safe, agile, customer focused, cohesive and collaborative workforce


Technology and overload has reduced attention by 60%, increasing risks of safety risks and poor execution –  controlling distraction is the foundation to enabling employees to stay focused at all times.


BBS alters the ‘brains processing default’ from positive to negative which has lead to a 50% increase in mis-perceptions from daily workplace communication which lead to poor workplace relations, errors and rework.


BBS erodes ‘cognitive input’ with daily decision making whereby up to 60% of daily actions are on ‘autopilot’ – this is simply due to the brain ‘taking over’ to conserve energy as BBS  burns brain energy up to 3 times  normal rate.


BBS puts the brain under enormous pressure which ironically creates a continual negative feedback loop preventing people to be ‘agile’ and work at their optimal. We teach people how to access their agile ‘brain zone’ at will.