Busy Brain Syndrome (BB) – the hidden catastrophic factor impacting ‘Human Factor’ incidents

BB – fallout from technology that has annihilated brain processing bandwidth – compromising behaviour based risk mitigation initiative success


The digital age radically increased the amount and speed of sensory stimulus bombarding our attention. This caused a mal-adaption of the brain with has resulted in people reacting rather than ‘stopping to think’ which is a leading risk for incidents.


BB impacts are relentless ‘monkey mind’, loss of attention, feeling ‘out of control’ resulting in more than 60% of daily tasks being pushed to autopilot ‘unconscious habit’. Distraction incident risks are elevated to dangerous levels.


BB locks us into negative emotions so we perceive through a negative lens. This is demotivating, leads to avoidance behaviours and cutting corners. This negative outlook reduces brain capacity, training rarely ‘sticks’ and people repeat past mistakes.

Our mindspace® program promotes people to be vigilantly aware of their behaviours


Technology and overload has reduced attention by 60%, increasing risks of safety risks and poor execution –  controlling distraction is the foundation to enabling employees to stay focused at all times.


Cyber security breaches are an increasing problem and the greatest risk is errors from people being on autopilot and inadvertently opening a phishing email attachment – when they’ve been trained not to. The culprit is BB.


Blame cultures are rampant in businesses today. The root cause is BB which causes people to be continually in a negative emotional state. This means poor self-responsibility and high levels of paranoia and blaming other things or people.


BB puts the brain under enormous pressure and creates a continual negative feedback loop preventing people to be ‘agile’ and work at their optimal. We teach people how to access their agile ‘brain zone’ at will.

mindspace® – controlling BB is the precursor to optimising people behaviours

mindspace® – a holistic program to sustain people’s ability to control overload and break reactionary work habits that are the leading cause of human factor incidents, poor performance and behavioural problems in workplaces. People are on autopilot unaware of what they are actually doing.

The program teaches people how ‘behaviour change actually works from a brain perspective and transforms their ability to sustain new behaviours and habits – controlling BBS. Change is only sustained via a feedback loop which is a process people learn and are given tools to manage their own behaviour change feedback loop process and achieve success.


A decade of BBS and overload has reduced attention by 60%, increasing risks of accidents and poor execution.  AWARENESS is key to staying focused and sustain change.


BBS, overload and constant distraction means people feel out of control. mindspace® enables people to CONTROL distraction and ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’.


Once people conquer BBS and feel back in control they stop reacting to overload, and are empowered to take RESPONSIBILITY and focus on executing to get things done. 


A person who is SELF REGULATING has eradicated BBS and overload, is a self motivated achiever who always aspires to be a high performer and execute as expected.