The One thing that really matters with each New Year

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New Year is an extraordinary time – it is almost like we all get permission slips to be authentic, open and full of hope, and we take to that hope with what seems like more vigor each year.

What usually happens next is an acceleration back down the slippery slope to mediocrity, thoughts of “I really wanted things to be different this year” and feelings of inadequacy as we humans are hard task masters upon ourselves.

So what is the ONE thing that matters – I could peddle out a usual ‘clique’ like be nicer to others and blah blah blah. But that stuff doesn’t even get to go in one ear and out the other any more. As much as we like to think it does – it doesn’t. If if did then life would be different.

What matters is that you have full control over your attitudes. Hope is not a productive attitude as too often it is associated with passivity. When Barack Obama became president there was much rejoicing, now things will change as we have a black, liberal, caring man as president of the US. And the potential was absolutely there for real change however, what happened was this.

The populace treated his presidency like attending a glorious show that was acclaimed to be one of the greatest shows to come to town. They took their seats and became passive spectators – over to you Barack. They took on the attitude of hope and with it passivity – its up to you to change things for us. How could one man effectively change anything when the populace checkout from getting involved and doing their bit, both in deed and attitude. As it transpired, it was not long before Barack was condemned for not doing enough, of ’empty promises’ the populace were outraged.

When you examine your attitude this New Year, dig deep to see what is really going on. Do you believe that you can achieve those desires that naturally flood in with a New Year and that lovely sense of a ‘tabula rasa’? Are you really committed to succeeding with those changes you dream about? Or is your underlying attitude that of a passivist – why bother it won’t happen, because it has always failed in the past.

The insidious thing is that this underlying attitude which drives passivity, has become a habit for most people. No one intends to fail or give up on the ideas that are alive and real at this time, the hope that things are going to be better this year. But the insidious nature and resistence of habits means it won’t be long before people are back to the grind and feeling despondent. Then comes the justification for the ‘failure’ and cynicism is more deeply embedded.

Changing attitudes is incredibly difficult and it takes a huge effort to change an attitude. If there is any time of the year when success with changing attitudes is optimal, it is now as the possibility of actually succeeding is given a massive shot in the arm. So the only thing that does matter this New Year is the effort you put into minding and managing your attitudes. Your attitudes translate directly to your experience of life

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