Aware Leaders make a difference by default

I had the privilege to attend an event last week run by three of the best speakers in this country. The event was about making a difference – I was initially skeptical as there seems to be a fair bit of ‘lip service’ paid to ‘making a difference’ these days.

Thankfully my skepticism was totally unfounded – the event was truly inspiring and the key take out was, “what do your actions and endeavors do for the people you interact with”. What this means is ‘how do your interactions leave people feeling’?

Do people feel empowered, enthused, motivated and excited by interacting with you? Or do they feel ‘shafted, defensive, protective, vulnerable and devalued?’. Or perhaps they feel nothing from your interaction, ‘whatever’!

I certainly came away from this event empowered, enthused, motivated and above all excited by the fact that so many people (100’s) would be doing things a little or a lot differently having attended this event. The power of contagion was at work.

Imagine if every interaction people had with their leaders within their organisations left them feeling 1.0% or even 0.5% more motivated than they were before the interaction?

Aware leaders make it their business to focus on how they are impacting the people they lead. They do this by first being aware and mindful of themselves and their habits having learned to observe these habits.  They also pay attention and note how they feel about each interaction they have throughout the day, which means they are focused on how they come across to the people they interact with.

This may seem like hard work – and it is in the initial stages of learning to overcome busyness and distraction in the moment to be aware and focus. It is not long before these aware leaders create new habits and suddenly they find their ‘workload’ or ‘busyness’ seems to have lightened. Why?

Because they find themselves surrounded by people who are mindful of their own interactions and what each of those interactions do for the other person. The effectiveness and efficiency of these people is extraordinary. Why?

Because the small daily improvements they have made as directly shown by their ‘aware’ leaders, has made staggering longer terms changes to their effectiveness.

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