To Blog or Not to Blog? – is the question

I have not posted for some time and there is a reason for that, and there is also a reason why I am blogging now.

So why did I stop posting? It was a moral dilemma – moral compasses appear to be in short supply with sections of humanity currently. My moral dilemma was about putting ‘more stuff’ out there and add to an overloaded world that is stretched to breaking point. Overload is the Achilles Heel for businesses in terms of managing people productivity. If I could have $1 for every customer of ours who says I am swamped and seem to be getting nowhere, I would as they say, be wealthy.

The other side of my dilemma is that being at the leading edge of people productivity, we at Productive People really do need to blog to keep the momentum of change for the better, moving. Another thing our customers tell us is that they are suffering from information paralysis – which impacts their ability to act and make decisions. They lament that there is so much ‘expert opinion’ out there  diametrically opposed they are pulled from pillar to post and this causes anxiety, as it increases their getting decisions wrong is palpable for our customers.

Prior to the ‘digital age’ and the tsunami of ‘expert stuff’ that is blogged daily from an army of ‘experts’ the size of China’s military (2.3M), expert advice had meaning was well founded in science and had been tested in the field over time. This meant that people like our customers responsible for making decisions, could do so with high levels of assurance that their decision would be good for the business. This has been eroded as the expert ‘hat’ is available in any $2 shop, and is shipped by the container load across the globe. Spare a thought for the business decision makers.

After pondering this conundrum for some time I realised that there is no real moral dilemma at all. Have we at Productive People not brought together the culmination of decades of research, experience, field testing of how people can work most efficiently in the modern fast paced marketplace?  Yes we have. So therefore we have a higher moral obligation to at least provide a yardstick and leveler for those business decision makers, if not to take our methods on board directly, to at least provide an opportunity for food for through with their decision to increase assurance of getting it right for the business.

A further reason to continue to post is that increasingly I am hearing out there that people are really tired of the noise – as they should be, it is exhausting. The brain has a finite level of energy and so much of it is wasted on a daily basis. Imagine if there was as much focus on getting things done at work as there is in paying attention to social media? What a revolutionary idea. The worst thing is that all this incessant focus on ‘social media’ has virtually no direct applicable benefit to getting things done at work on a daily basis. In fact it adds to indecision, avoidance and is a productivity killer, because it erodes attention and very little of it actually gets past the brain gate-keeper anyway.

I overheard the barista in my favorite coffee shop this morning commenting to a customer that if a Martian was looking down on us they would say “were not going to land down there, they’re all mad” – I laughed to myself. No one denies the world is changing at such a rapid rate almost on a daily basis and that collectively most people are screaming inside – ‘please can we slow down a bit’ – yet the ‘Red Shoes’ keep dancing. At Productive People we have the antidote to slow the ‘Red Shoes’ down and give you back control to stop them when you choose to – turning them into Dorothy’s red shoes.

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