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What is Core to People Productivity

A snapshot of what each ‘function’ within organisations believe is Core to People Productivity according to more than 500 respondents who contributed to our Research Project conducted in May. A big thank you to all those who participated. Stay tuned as over the next few weeks we will be drilling down further into each of these ‘functions’ […]

She did that to you? What a……….

Travelling on public transport is a fascinating social exercise, the mood, conversations, body language of travelers is infinitely interesting to observe. It seems of late the conversations of people around me (either on the phone or to a fellow passenger) have been particularly ‘grumpy’ for want of a better word. In the absence of wearing headphones listening […]

Is Uncertainty really the enemy?

I was pondering out on the bike the other day about a statistic that continually comes up as the single biggest concern globally for businesses and people – ‘uncertainty’. I have a keen interest in data and people and regularly seek out such things as, what factors are driving the dominant global thinking – got […]

HR, KPI’s and the danger of fixed beliefs

Episode Two – Cake-man. Following on from last weeks post and the story of cake-man, his most vehement complaint was about KPI’s and HR. You know the situation, you are nailed to the walled by a person who is so passionate about their ideas and making you agree (passion does have its downside) – that […]

That Won’t Work?

  I was at a morning tea event the other day – a quasi networking event which I wasn’t  keen to attend as I was busy, however I went along to be polite. I was nailed to the wall by an older man who had run an engineering business for 35 years and was pontificating about […]

Email NOT the problem – Human conditioning IS

We hear about email being tarred and feathered continuously as the scourge of modern workplaces, and strategies abound to deal with this awfulness. These discussions and strategies are all very interesting and helpful to a degree. However, as with most of the modern day problems of overload and too much stuff and all the rest […]

New Year’s Resolutions – Why they so often fai

  As a Behavioural Neuroscientist I always ask the groups I train in how to succeed with behaviour change, ‘how often do you succeed with your News Year’s Resolutions (NYR’s)?’ Over the years I have been finding that more and more people don’t bother. I always ask why? “Because I know I will fail or […]

Employee well-being = organisational wellbeing

Research indicates that workplace absenteeism costs the Australian economy on average $18 billion per year with workplace stress and overwhelm being a major contributor to it. Research also indicates that a successful employee well-being program can: Decrease sick leave by 25.3% Decrease workers compensation by 40.7% Decrease disability management costs by 22.3% Save $5.81 for […]

To Blog or Not to Blog? – is the question

I have not posted for some time and there is a reason for that, and there is also a reason why I am blogging now. So why did I stop posting? It was a moral dilemma – moral compasses appear to be in short supply with sections of humanity currently. My moral dilemma was about putting ‘more […]