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Time to throw out the crystal ball

I enjoy reading HBR article’s and find that the majority are well written, the point argued with relevant and compelling examples and case study’s, leaving the reader feeling as though they have something to take away from the investment of their time reading the article. However, sometimes there are headlines that catch your attention and […]

Slow down – that’s how we do things around here

I had a very interesting conversation recently regarding continuous improvement and efficiency within the public sector with a people improvement professional – lets call him Jake. We were talking about how efficiency was perceived by staff and how the success of initiatives introduced as ‘good idea’s to make things more efficient was ascertained. Jake had […]

Aware Leaders make a difference by default

I had the privilege to attend an event last week run by three of the best speakers in this country. The event was about making a difference – I was initially skeptical as there seems to be a fair bit of ‘lip service’ paid to ‘making a difference’ these days. Thankfully my skepticism was totally […]

Are atrocities perpetrated by humans increasing?

Humans have treated each other poorly for eon’s. When we collectivley experience events such as the past weekend, Orlando, football hooliganism, and the random slaying of an entertainer, amid more local events – many people feel unsafe and that the world is not a pleasant place. We hear things such as people are so self-centered […]

Status Quo – what is it?

Status Quo is a Latin phrase and means the current situation, the way things are now and refers to ‘wanting to keep things the way they are’. Status Quo is a misunderstood concept and is used increasingly as a means for individuals, teams, organisations and communities to stay put – in ‘safe territory’. How safe […]

Design thinking – is it the answer for our troubled organisations?

Deloitte’s latest Human Capital report is a fascinating read and as a credible and reputable document, it is second to none. Unlike the other big four, Deloitte’s did not disband their Advisory Services about 15 years ago. This lends exceptional credibility to their ‘thought leadership’ in this area as they critically, have ‘advised’ businesses all the […]

7 things that blah blah…………

The art of the head-line, the grab words: New; Now you can; How to get; The secret to; You can be like… and then there are the numbers.  7 is the magic number allegedly – why? Anybody’s guess. One absolutely indisputable fact in a word awash with sages, advisers and experts who espouse removing your ‘pain’, […]