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Knock Yourself Out!

I was on site with a trade’s services customer a few weeks ago and it was full on as always – that seems to be the case with good suppliers. They offer both B2C and B2B services and are moving away from B2C and for good reason as I discovered. The work I do is […]

Are you the donkey?

The Boy, the Man and the Donkey is a very old ‘parable or story’ that was originally written by Æsop in the Sixth century B.C. Aesop’s Fables have been translated far and wide and most every culture had its own version of the story as a means to teach or guide behaviours. The moral of the story is […]

I can’t do that…..What will they think?

Why do so many people spend their lives in various states of ‘fear’ about what other people think of them? For most people, their behaviours and actions are directed and determined by a set of ‘rules’ that are derived from a mixture of societal, religious, cultural, legal or family rules about what to do and […]

Who are you?

Just an aside on ‘reading people’ – we can all read people – it is perhaps the most important innate skill we have because the most ‘dangerous thing’ to us is actually other people. It has been a while since I saw a ‘threatening animal, bird or inspect’ wandering about, Hitchcock’s The Birds was fantasy […]

Human watching – fascinating albeit scary

Our cycling group were sitting outside on the footpath of our regular haunt, tucking into coffee and breakfast this past Saturday morning as is the norm. This is a central location from where we all reside and one of the more salubrious suburbs in town. A lively discussion was being had regarding misleading media headlines […]

Why is it TRUE?

I was in a meeting last week running through a demo of our behaviour change tracking software and was asked where my notebook wall-paper image was from. Its Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains located in the East African Rift, a truly stunning place. I was then asked about the caption on the image. As a behaviouralist […]

The One thing that really matters with each New Year

New Year is an extraordinary time – it is almost like we all get permission slips to be authentic, open and full of hope, and we take to that hope with what seems like more vigor each year. What usually happens next is an acceleration back down the slippery slope to mediocrity, thoughts of “I […]

We’re let down by our back-end

If I had a $ for each time I heard that statement my wealth would rival the US President elect. What is the back-end? In a word, the important part of your business offering – delivery and the support service that go with it. Sales and marketing being held up as more important than delivery […]

Silo’s – decimate efficienycy

I was at a family function over the weekend and chatting to my cousin who is a free-lance writer and editor. She was recently asked to do a job for a large government department that was in her words, an extraordinary experience. The job was essentially a consulting role on how to write a workbook […]

Leading for Profit or Purpose?

The purpose of a business at its core is no different today than it was back in the days of the great traders of the Indus Valley 1000’s of years ago, for example. To these traders it was simply, I have something that you want which I trade for something I want, or for $. […]