A fast moving marketplace demands people performance driven by data insights

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Applying insights from your people data is the power behind business success

Businesses succeed when people performance is aligned to customer expectations

As B2B service business specialists we partner with you to transform the capacity of your people to focus on being ‘present’ with all their actions; and help you revolutionise the way you collect, integrate, align and apply insights from both employee and customer data.

The result? The eradication of business unit silo’s and customers promoting your business to anyone who will listen. Whats not to love?  

People Consistently ‘Present’

People in control, focused on ‘being aware and present’ consistently. Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS) is the modern day scourge that causes the brain to distract itself.

BBS causes people to rarely be present and focused on actually listening to customers. BBS means they react rather than respond leaving your business completely vulnerable to customer retention risks.

Being present and ‘mindful’ is synonymous with being able to consistently meet customers expectations. The how is the challenge. Our Aware of Mind  business delivers the mindspace® program which teaches people to be ‘present’ by re-engaging their innate sensory intelligence (SQ). SQ holds the real power.

Customer Retention Profile – CRP

The competition with service businesses is continuing to increase and the number one customer retention risk facing B2B service business is inconsistent service from business ‘silo’s’.

The adage that this is the way things are is no longer acceptable and the savvy B2B business is making eradication of ‘silo’s’ their priority. The only employee data that matters for a B2B service business is attitudes to customers and level of understanding of customers needs.

We track your employee service delivery effectiveness via our Customer Retention Profile (CRP) systems to maximise customer retention and give you peace of mind

Customer Expectation Profile – CEP

Consistently aligning service delivery to ever changing customer expectations is the difference between staying in business or fading away for B2B service organisations.

Most SME’s do not have current customer data and operational decisions are at best a guess which leaves your vulnerable to customer defection and denigration.

Our CEP systems which translates to a faction of the cost of losing a customer or contract, transforms your service delivery, converting customers to promoters.

Integration and Alignment of Data

Customer experience is the new battleground for B2B service businesses, failure to utilise the right data, at the right time and for the right purpose will see many businesses simply fade away.

The key to customer retention risk strategies is to have the ‘right’ data, which for B2B service business is accurate customer expectations data and employee customer service execution data.

However, more important than having the data is being able to integrate and align the datasets to drive ‘real customer retention strategies that work. Unless the ‘right hand’ (employee’s) knows what the ‘left hand’ (customers) wants efforts to retain customers will miss the mark.

Applying Insights

Most ‘people data‘, including customer expectation data within businesses is grossly under-utilised, with insights rarely being executed effectively.

The new skills for middle and line managers in a world awash with data, is speed of accurately interpreting insights; confidently making sound execution decisions to direct their teams to facilitate a seamless holistic experience for customers, regardless of the business unit they are dealing with.

Customers expect the same service and attitude from your accounts and customer service people as they do from their account managers.

Why People Data?

People Data founder Dr. Lucia Kelleher a Market Researcher and Behavioural Neuroscientist, made a breakthrough brain discovery from her PhD, Busy Brain Syndrome in the early 2000’s. BBS or loss of brain bandwidth is caused by our digital world severely compromising brain processing and is the leading cause of ‘human factor’ issues in organisations.

Lucia realised early on that these ‘human factor’ issues were less problematic in organisations where employees had a good understanding of the business strategy and a real commitment to meeting customer expectations.

Her real passion has always been the customer interface, as she was well aware that the smoother and more seamless all these interactions were, the more successful the business. This also translated to fewer ‘human factor’ incidents, such as safety, quality, cyber security breaches and other behavioural problems. Couple this with an increasing divide between what customers say they will do and what they actually do, means most businesses struggle to stay consistently relevant to their customers.  

People Data is focused on the customer interface, whilst Aware of Mind is focused on minimising the deleterious ‘human factor’ effects of Busy Brain Syndrome. Ironically the customer interface effectiveness works so much more seamlessly when BBS is managed.

 People Data proven solutions developed in response to these changes to human behaviour, transform your culture and capacity to consistently deliver optimal customer experiences.

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