People performance determines business success in a customer driven market

'Aware' people work collaboratively and respectfully together to consistently deliver experiences customers feel good about

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Data informed execution balances the power in a customer driven market

Timely action from business and customer data, eliminates business 'silo's' and converts uncertainty into opportunity

People performance and data execution are the foundations to meeting the demands of a customer and data driven market place

Customers in Australia report having ‘negative experiences’ 7 times more often than customers in the US.

Australian customer services is in the unenviable position of the bottom 10% globally, because employee scorecards reward ‘quantity over quality‘; rather than ‘actively responding to customers as people‘.

The root cause: – pandemic levels of  Busy Brain Syndrome  – resulting in overloaded and overwhelmed people who deliver cookie-cutter customer interactions based on this is OUR process; as well as systemic failures to ‘action customer feedback data’ due to outdated organisational SILO’s preventing ‘agile customer focused culture development.

We are People and Data Specialists and Partner With You To….

Develop agile, collaborative people/teams who ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to each other as well as customers;
Transform communication by breaking down ‘silo’s’ through effective customer and business data understanding and execution.

Why People Data?

People Data founder Dr. Lucia Kelleher a Behavioural Neuroscientist made a breakthrough brain discovery, Busy Brain Syndrome in the early 2000’s, that uncovered how our digital world has severely compromised brain processing, which is the leading cause of poor customer experience delivery in organisations.

BBS presents as overload and overwhelm, loss of focus, behavioural non-compliance incidents, inability to sustain behaviour change, workplace communication breakdowns,  decision paralysis as well as increased customer and employee churn.

Couple this with an increasing divide between what customers say they will do and what they actually do, means most businesses struggle to stay consistently relevant to their customers.   

People Data proven solutions developed in response to these changes to human behaviour, transform your culture and capacity to consistently deliver optimal customer experiences.

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