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Distraction - What does it cost?

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What people DO matters

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What your people do matters – optimising people behaviours makes good business sense

People behaviour specialists helping businesses from family businesses to medium size enterprises manage and enhance the behaviours of business owners leaders, employees and customers – yes you can optimise how your customers behave.

People Consistently ‘Present’

Busy Brain Syndrome (BBS) the downside of digital that overwhelms your brain, annihilates bandwidth causing your brain to distract itself.

Busy Brain Syndrome manifests as relentless ‘mind chatter’ which means you find it hard to be present and focused on what you are supposed to be doing. BBS causes you to react rather than respond leaving you vulnerable to human factor risks, mistakes and likely to deliver a poor customer experience.

Being present and ‘mindful’ is the way to overcome BBS, how to be mindful in the moment is the challenge. Our mindspace® program teaches you to be ‘present’ by re-engaging your innate sensory intelligence (SQ). SQ holds the real power, where you are in control of what you do consistently.

Optimise People Behaviours

Businesses have claimed for decades things such as ‘we are our people’ and ‘our people drive our success’ – yet people behaviours are never number ONE on the agenda with business meetings from strategy offsites to WIP weekly meetings.

This translates to most businesses spending more time and resources on ‘putting out behavioural fires‘, from ineffective leadership which creates cultures of distrust, disconnect and poor collaboration across the business, to safety and cyber security breaches, mistakes and errors. Poor behaviours in organisations causes everyone to ‘walk on eggshells’ which is not only hugely stressful but decimates productivity.

We help you do things differently – by managing people behaviours FIRST from the leaders down. Business tends to take care of itself when people are aware and self-responsible.

Customer Interface Alignment

As our world becomes more complex and outsourcing of services increases, the risks of poor customer suppler and end user experiences increases. This is because B2B relationships are poorly understood and poorly managed in an increasing number of cases. The end user is the ultimate customer and often the outsourced supplier becomes the ‘meat in the sandwich’, or the outsourced supplier treats the customer as a ‘cash cow’ and has a low care factor.

We are B2B specialists and work with suppliers on how to upwardly manage their customers / clients and downwardly manage the end users, or their customers customers. We work with businesses who outsource services to make sure their suppliers ‘understand that they work for them and wear their badge.   We help build real partnership based contract management solutions rather than power based situations.

Customer Culture Profile – CCP

The competition with service businesses is continuing to increase and the number one customer retention risk facing service business is inconsistent service from business ‘silo’s’. ‘This is the way things are‘ is no longer acceptable and the savvy service business is making eradication of ‘silo’s’ their priority. The only employee data that matters for a service business is people execution data that uncovers your culture and how customer centric your business is.

Our Customer Culture Profile process discovers your vulnerability to customer defections by uncovering how ‘silo’d your business is through assessing levels of cohesion and collaboration, along with attitudes to customers, level of understanding of customers needs and what the overall strategy of your business is. The data is converted to insights and action plans developed for your business units.

Customer Expectation Profile – CEP

Consistently aligning service delivery to ever changing customer expectations is the difference between staying in business or fading away for any business but more so for B2B service organisations.

Most small to medium sized businesses do not have relevant current customer data and operational decisions are at best a guess based on someone else’s opinion, which leaves your business vulnerable to customer defection and denigration, because your people delivery service and support fail do understand why your customers buy from you and the service they expect.

Our CEP systems translates to a faction of the cost of losing a customer or contract, and will transform your service delivery, converting customers to promoters and giving decision makers peace of mind.

Integrate Data and Applying Insights

Successful customer retention risk strategies integrate and align customer data to employee execution data via a gap analysis. Unless the ‘right hand’ (employee’s) knows what the ‘left hand’ (customers) wants, efforts to retain customers will miss the mark.

Once this data is integrated it has to be accurately interpreted, and the insights applied to drive the behaviours and output of the whole business. Customers expect the same service and attitude from your accounts and customer service people as they do from their account managers and executive managers.

We integrate the insights from the gap analysis between your Customer Experience Profile data and your Customer Culture Profile data, develop actions so all business units can apply those insights to their daily execution and how they behave with each other and customers.

Why People Data?

People Data founder Dr. Lucia Kelleher a Market Researcher and Behavioural Neuroscientist, made a breakthrough brain discovery from her PhD, Busy Brain Syndrome in the early 2000’s. BBS or loss of brain bandwidth is caused by our digital world severely compromising brain processing, and is the leading cause of ‘human factor’ issues in organisations, which includes unacceptable levels of customer churn.

 People Data proven solutions have been developed in response to these radical changes to human behaviours as evidenced by our customer driven marketplace and gross reductions in productivity levels and increases in human factor mistakes with people output due to constant distraction. As behaviourists and people data specialists our processes transform your culture and the capacity of your people to stay focused and consistently deliver optimal customer experiences.

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